My name is Tim Brewer

I'm an Australian and I work with entrepreneurs, companies and communities around the world to formulate, launch and maintain strategies aimed at supporting growth and ultra scalability.
I work with a limited group of hand picked clients, investors and company boards in the following capacities:
1. Professional Director
2. Entrepreneur in Residence (EIN)
3. Venture Advisor
4. Rapid Growth and Ultra Scalability operational strategist

My personal life philosophy is to help those around me grow. My commitment to value creation frames my engagement criteria for people, organisations, and particularly entrepreneurs, to have their vision become its fullest reality.

Professional Director
With MAICD and MBA qualifications, I act as a non-executive director on boards to contribute to governance level conversations and add my specific understanding and knowledge including innovation and disruption.
Entrepreneur in Residence (EID)
I work with organizations & companies to identify opportunities within and develop strategies aimed at triggering and supporting growth, sustainable operational frameworks and channel engagement. I work with technology and traditional companies to integrate innovation solutions in complex environments and have worked extensively around the globe with Managed IT services (MSPs), Enterprise software (Saas/Paas) and cloud computing (LaaS/Platform) companies.
Venture Advisor
Working with CEO's, private investors, and family offices to advise on venture deals on a regular basis or project-by-project basis, specifically in the technology services, Enterprise & SME software and start up space.
Growth & Scalability Strategist
For companies and organizations preparing for, or experiencing rapid growth, I act as strategic resource to identify strategies that trigger and support growth and scale, and implement operational readiness for ultra-expansion.
Notable Comments
I have had the fortune to meet and work with industry leaders across the IT Consulting space globally. While I have much to learn from every one of them, there are only a handful who have given me true inspiration, support, and mentorship. Tim is one of those few.
Jamison West
Founder & President at Arterian
Tim is one of those people who brightens a room with his presence and with his thoughts. He knows MSP business and has a global perspective.
Amy Kardel
Director and Co-Founder Clever Ducks / Chairwoman CompTIA Board of Directors
I truly can't say enough positive and amazing things about Tim. There are very few individuals in which I've had the opportunity to meet, let alone work with, that can help you to make positive and transformative changes that impact your success, and make you better as a person during the process.
Thomas Douglas
Owner, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc
I've had the pleasure of working with Tim during my tenure at ConnectWise and his composure under pressure and desire to succeed make him a true professional.
Gerwai Todd
Chief Operating Officer at CharTec
Tim attracts successful people and organizations and surrounds himself with successful endeavors.
Richard Anderson
Owner at Imagine IT, Inc.
My clients include

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With a full travel and engagement schedule, I endeavor to respond to every request within 72 hours. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
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